Our Work Works, Where You Can Sit In With Us.

Our Work Works is a podcast made possible by the NCNCA, The NCNCA Womens Series and KGPC-LP, Peralta Community Radio.

OWW is hosted by Amy Moor. Kathryn Styer is the executive producer and engineer. OWW is produced and recorded at KGPC-LP in Oakland, California.

Episode 3: Closing Out The Season With Elite Racer, Melanie Wong, is coming…

For the record. Melanie has NOT never not won. Catch up on episode 1 with Meredith Nielsen & episode 2 with Claire Porter, while you’re waiting!


Episode 2: Adventures In Cycling With New Racer, Claire Porter

We focus on the experience of newish racer, Claire Porter. Sit in with us and hear her perspectives on training, racing and having fun on the bike.


Episode 1: The History Of Womens Road Racing In The NCNCA with Meredith Nielsen

In this episode we explore the roots of womens road racing in Northern California and answer questions you might have jumping in to the sport.

Music by Tzara.