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Last updated 1/6/2019

    • Team points are calculated by adding together all the individual rider’s points from each team to establish a team score for that race.

Events included in the BAR/BAT Competition database

1/1/2019 – San Bruno Mountain Hill Climb

Team                                         Points
ThirstyBear Cycling                            57   
SJBC                                           26   
Pen Velo Racing/Summit Bicycles                24   
Team Swift                                     22   
Davis Bike Club Race Team                      13   
Off The Front                                  9    
Clean Power Cycling pb TESLA                   7    
GOOBYDUCK                                      7    
SquadraSF p/b Terun                            7    
SunPower Racing                                4    
Davis Bike Club                                3    
Team Mikes Bikes p/b Equator Coffees           2    
CBRE Racing                                    1