Northern California Nevada Cycling Association

To view a calendar of all events, select ‘Schedule’ from the menu bar. To view the calendar for a specific discipline, mouse over ‘Schedule’ and select your discipline. A calendar will come up filtered by that discipline. If you want to broaden your search, you’ll need to select ‘Reset Filters’.

To download a calendar for all of 2018 (whether one discipline or all events) visit the Calendar Downloads page under Schedule on the main navigation bar.

Using the search bar at the top of any calendar page, you can search for events and change the view (i.e. Map, Day, Week, List, Month). If you select the ‘List’ view, you will be shown a list of all events on the calendar that match your filters and/or search criteria.

You can export the results of a search or a view (e.g. Month, List) with the ‘Export Events’ button.

This is Version 3 of the NCNCA website.  To see prior versions (for race results and other data), click the links below:

Version 1    Version 2